Rooms & Buildings

Our guest rooms are situated on our Spring Spur property, with beautiful views of Mount Feathertop and the Kiewa Valley. Our guests rooms are designed to give you a sense of privacy with your own sitting area outside each room, surrounded by native gardens and vistas of the surrounding mountains.

We encourage you to take advantage of our facilities. Enjoy a a bottle of wine or cup of tea privately on your verandah or come up to the shared riders lounge and sit around the fire in the colder months or under the cool of the fans in the summer.

We have purchased top quality beds for the important comfortable sleep after your adventure or weekend of riding or clinics. We are agents for the purchase of these top quality beds so talk to us if you are interested as the price is exceptional value for money. We provide thick Ex-ped insulated mattresses for your nights camping in the mountains, but on your return to Spring Spur Stay, your hot shower in your en-suite bathroom and luxury bed, allow for sweet dreams of your high country adventures. Spring Spur Stay your country home away from home is our ‘catch phrase’ because we want you to feel a part of the family. To ride, relax, and recover. All our meals are prepared with integrity and passion. We are committed to catering to all tastes including vegetarian meals at our shared table encouraging banter and community spirit with people from all over our shared world.

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