Spring Spur Family

Spring Spur has not just been a home for the Baird family, but rather a place for everyone, a unique farm where friends, family staff, and guests gather to share adventures, stories, education and history, a place where the spirit the horse is treasured and admired, where food is grown and cooked with love. The poem below written by Steve's mother, Pat, pays homage to these values.

First the stable for the beasts, second the house for shelter, then the garden for sustenance.

Each growing strength & form, beauty of structure, soundness; together they make a place in the mountains arms.

People are like the things they build, be it bricks or breakfast, food is cooked together, enjoyed Together, flavoured by love & laughter.

Keep building this rambling, unruly & embracing thing we call family.

Pat Baird, 2003
Lin Baird
Tour Guide, Camp Cook & Dad
The bloke running the show these days, host and cook in the Spring Spur Kitchen & Adventurer & tour guide in the bush.
Alex Phillips
Winemaker & Superstar Mum
Born and raised in South Africa, Alex moved to Australia in 2016. Working as a full time winemaker and Mum, Alex has utilised her talents with Spring Spur Wines and raising two beautiful girls on the farm - Phoebe & Maeve.
Steve Baird
Grandad, Farmer & Artist
You might find Steve on a tractor or pruning the citrus trees, but when all the jobs are done he might be found in his studio where his life's narrative is transferred to canvas.
Kath Baird
Nan-ma & Storyteller
After a lifetime of running a business, riding horses, and raising a family on the farm, Kath still gets involved around the place. She enjoys telling a yarn at the dinner table, and spending time with the grandkids.